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Corporate Caffeine?

Learn the secrets of accelerating revenue growth and amplifying personal success from a high energy CEO and world class, B2B sales and marketing strategist.

CEO’s and sales leaders from around the world call on Dacia to maximize their business development efforts and craft incomparable messaging. Dacia is an author, a renowned brand and marketing strategist, and the CEO of The Marketing Blender, an award-winning B2B sales and marketing alignment agency.

Solutions to Help you Achieve Mastery


With an infectious energy projecting from the stage, Dacia motivates audiences to make a greater impact with relatable wit and actionable tips.

Corporate Workshops

Based on her experience solving real-world problems in sales and marketing, Dacia leads teams through exercises designed to transform effectiveness.


When companies need help that doesn’t require all the resources of a marketing agency, they turn to Dacia for practical guidance on how to break through.

Coaching & Training

Working with individuals and teams, Dacia breaks down the perceptions that hold us back and teaches skills that enhance communication and performance.

Marketing Services

As the CEO of a full-service B2B marketing agency, Dacia helps align their marketing efforts to their sales cycle to accelerate growth.

We all have a responsibility to share what we learn to order to increase prosperity and positivity in the world.

See Dacia In Action

Need a dose of motivation? Dive into this archive of Dacia’s past appearances at conferences and corporate events.