A fresh perspective can make all the difference. Managing the operational day-to-day takes a herculean amount of focus and energy. Executing at the highest level is paramount. But getting lost in the weeds doesn’t serve your company’s best interests. The most successful businesses often rely on outside help to look at the big picture.

Business development and marketing consulting brings that perspective to the table. Tapping outside experience gives you access to best practices and proven techniques applied at other companies.

Her core engagements:

  • Fractional CMO engagement
  • Diagnoses and planning
  • Alignment workshops: Mission & Vision | Strategy & Marketing Plan | Brand Clarity | Sales Messaging and Presentation Training

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When is the right time to hire Dacia as a consultant?

  • Are you ready to take your business to the next level but not breaking through yet? 
  • Does your marketing team need a smarter strategy and marketing plan to drive results? 
  • Do you have a resources gap, but don’t want to add full-time employees to your head count?
  • Are your internal and external communications misaligned? 
  • Is your business having trouble standing out from the competition?
  • Are you facing a major change, such as succession, recapitalization, or a merger and acquisition?

Dacia offers consulting services for teams and companies customized to your unique business situation.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Sales and marketing alignment
  • KPI development and alignment
  • Sales mapping
  • Marketing and brand strategy
  • Marketing plan development
  • Core values, mission, and vision development
  • Messaging choreography and differentiation strategy
  • Succession planning M&A communication planning
  • Investor strategies
  • Digital technology integration and alignment
  • Distributor relationship optimization
  • Data management and dashboard creation
  • Fractional CMO services